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Smatex Division

With the acquisition of Smatex Ltd in 2007 Merlyn Electronics took on the responsibility of continuing the companies long-standing success in the design and manufacture of high quality, high precision and high reliability analogue systems.

Smatex began life in 1975 as a supplier of specially designed heating systems for the textile industry, over the last 38 years the company has developed and grown significantly. Now trading as a part of Merlyn Electronics Smatex operates across a smatex productsbroad range of sectors including

Food and Drink
Process Control
Safety Systems


Smatex and Merlyn combined have over 60 years experience as major manufacturers and suppliers of electronics for the rail industry. The company is currently working on developing new products to strengthen it’s position as a market leader in the rail sector.
Merlyn has designed and produced pcb’s and components for propulsion systems used in trains and trams in the UK and abroad for many years. Our highly trained production
team uses the manufacturing technology to produce individual and high quality products to very short lead times.

In the future the company plans to grow its business within the rail sector by building bespoke high quality high precision electronic systems to customer requirements.
We are particularly excited by the opportunities to apply our experience with the latest led technology .

Smatex Division